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Choose sport specific products for football, soccer, basketball and more! 110Athletics' sports nutrition for young athletes is professionally developed to reinforce the unique needs of competitors in each sport and provide steady energy and nutritional support throughout games and training.

Discover advanced sports nutrition for young athletes from 110Athletics. 110 Athletics’ sports nutrition snacks are developed by expert dieticians to target young athletes’ specific nutritional needs and support growth in their exact activity. By analyzing the energy demands of each sport and integrating nutritional values, we have developed sport specific snacks to help improve performance.

Aspiring athletes work hard to master their sport and cultivate skills to take them to new heights. From point guards to quarterbacks, fullbacks and hitters, every team member requires fuel that works as hard as they do to train hard and fight for the win. Our sports nutrition snacks are designed to sustain consistent activity and promote targeted speed, agility, strength and endurance in each sport.

Learn more about 110Athletics’ sports nutrition snack wafers for young athletes and the specific nutrients that bolster successful skills and abilities. Try the delicious flavors designed for your sport or the competitive athlete variety to foster consistent energy and muscle growth for baseball, tennis, hockey, swimming and more.

Soccer Wafers - Chocolate
$10.99 Per BoxPer Pkg
Football Wafers - Vanilla
$1.99 Per BoxPer Pkg
Soccer Wafers - Vanilla
$10.99 Per BoxPer Pkg
Volleyball Wafers - Vanilla
$1.99 Per BoxPer Pkg

Nutritionally Formulated to Improve Performance for Young Athletes